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January 02, 2009




Sorry to hear about your truck. It's such a shame as the whole peninsula is amazing.

Our bad luck turned into some good fortune. The owner of the beach cabina offered to reimburse us for our booking. We then stayed at a new hotel up the hill.

But, even up at Playa Hermosa north of Santa Teresa we had a brush with a local petty thief. We would leave nothing in our 4WD and had to leave flipflops, towels and boards with other beach goers if we ever wanted to go for a walk on the beach.


My truck was robbed and vandalized in Manzanillio last week while I walked on the beautiful beach. Crime is horrible in this area, everyone is being robbed. Nothing is safe. Machetes and guns are being used in armed robberies. The local ticos blame it on the nicos. Don't bring anything you dont want to have stolen. I live nearby, many of my friends avoid this area because of the high crime. There is no law enforcement, don't bother calling the cops.


Sad to hear such news mate!

Just think that some of us have been surfing here at -2 ºc and enjoy those warm waves better!!

Speak soon!


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