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November 24, 2007



In that case, if anyone knows a Russian conscript stationed in Abkhazia with a camera please ask them to take a photo of the knotted pistol sculpture and email me!!!

Karlos, what's the feeling in Abkhazia, S. Ossetia and Transdniestr with Kosovo heading for independence?


Writing from Tiraspol, main town in Transdniestr.
The checkpoint between Moldova and this tiny de facto republic is (yet) another bribe-type one.I had a recommendation letter an Ossetian guy wrote for me after 5 shots of vodka("green card" he called it). You can hardly understand the writing but, amazingly enough, it worked!

Let me know if you're ever coming here so I can send you the "green card" by the post


"Get a photo of the knotted pistol sculpture on the Inguri River bridge if you can"

Yep, right at the Russkies' checkpoint...tough job!

Writing from Chisinau right now. Tomorrow Transdniestr.

See you in Tbilisi (hopefuly)

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